Traditional installation services for:

  • Water Supply
  • Sewage
  • Energy
  • Heating
  • Cooling and sprinkler systems



  • Freezer units and cold rooms
  • Rebuilding, modifications and maintenance
  • Water-chilling units of all kinds
  • Environmentally friendly air cooled and water cooled solutions
  • High capacity dehumidifiers
  • Conversion package for phase-out and replacement of R-22 cooling liquid


  • Innovative AH/AC solutions
  • Best systems available on the market and right for your need
  • Modification, improvement and maintenance for existing systems
  • Flexible service agreements
  • Control and regulation of air volume
  • Duct cleaning
  • Cleaning of air ducts in gally with CO2

HSE policy

What we do

At Kvaleberg Offshore we aim to be preferred providers of services and solutions for the Onshore and Offshore industry in HVAC, Refrigeration, Piping and Electro.
Our brand is identified with cost-efficiency, integrity, practicality and high quality.
Our customers recognise us because we listen and work with dedication to provide smart solutions to their needs.

​At Kvaleberg Offshore we have the highest respect for our employees, customers, shareholders, the environment and the communities where we operate.
This is our commitment:
•We aim for ZERO accidents in our daily operations
•We aim to avoid negative impact to the environment and take mitigation actions when necessary
•We aim to create a workplace that is healthy, inspiring, motivating, professional and where our employees treat and are treated with respect
•We aim to conduct our business with openness and integrity toward our customers and shareholders
•We are a social responsible company and support the communities where we operate​

Kvaleberg Offshore supplies consultancy, project management, site supervision, services and maintenance for onshore and offshore installations in the disciplines of HVAC, Refrigeration, Piping and Electro.

We are based in the Stavanger region and recruit qualified personnel in Norway, Denmark and Sweden using our extensive network.

In addition, through partnering with top quality service and equipment providers, Kvaleberg Offshore provides comprehensive solutions for projects with multidisciplinary needs.

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  • Complete installations of electronic equipment for HVAC control
  • All types of Ex equipment, e.g. purge panels and flow sensors
  • Fire and Gas
  • PAGA systems
  • Power and instrument systems
  • System control diagrams
  • Control rooms
  • Automation/PLC
  • MCC and local control panels
  • Frequency converters